By Pheeby Snow

If your kid is sick and is stuck at home in front of the TV, you probably need some fresh ideas to make the environment more diverse. Of course, you cannot organize a football match in your living room, in case your child has got a virus or have a sore throat.  You would not want your child to spend time by the TV or with video games. As a parent, you can be prepared with some innovative DIY projects and activities that can improve the mood of your kids. There are many original craft projects that are not difficult to make, as long as you have the right motivation and the materials required for the work.

Kids may find it hard to create such DIY projects all alone and that is why parents should always be at their disposal to give a helping hand as well as a valuable advice for the realization of wonderful activities. This piece of article will offer incredible ideas for DIY crafts – read carefully the following lines and pick up those ideas that most appeal to you:

Make a Family Album

I guarantee that this idea will immediately catch your kid’s attention. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, you can grab a bunch of family photos, a large notebook, a pair of scissors and some colourful pencils. Use your imagination  to arrange the photos in an unique way by starting with photos of your kids as a baby. Allow the child to make some drawings on the blank pages and then situate the photo by using a glue. You can also encourage the child to write some memorable quotes under the pictures or to explain more about every person that appears on the pictures,

Make Healthy Cookies for All the Family

Cooking while the kid is sick is definitely funnier activity than spending the whole day in front of the computer. You can encourage your kid to help you with the cooking process. Simple activities such giving the right products from the refrigerator or reading the recipe in a loud voice are definitely a contribution for the cooking process. Of course, the mother can handle with the preparation of the cookies without the help of the child, however this would be a great way to make the day fun and diverse, while the kid is sick.

Singing and Recording

If your kid’s dream is to become a superstar, why not making its first record at home? Of course, being sick can sometimes stop the kid from practising this activity, however, if it does not have a soar throat, you can organize its first concert as a star. Let the child demonstrate its music skills and use bowls and spoons for drums. Record your improvised concert and show it to your relatives. This simple home activity can definitely make your child forget about the viruses or colds and to enjoy, while singing its favourite songs.

These are several DIY activities to try while your child is sick and stuck at home. Do not be afraid to experiment and to add your own ideas for making the experience unforgettable. You can also ask you kid for some fresh ideas – you will be amazed but children tend to be very creative when fun is concerned. Get a day off and devote all of your time to diverse the home environment with enjoyable activities. In this way the kid will easily forget about its discomfort and about the fact that it is sick.


The article is contributed by Pheeby Snow who runs CarpetCleaners SW19