By Carie Connell

How often have you jolted out of a shallow sleep to the sound of your toddler waking?  Does your child want to get up several times a night and miss out on a restful night’s sleep?  Does your little one have difficulty adjusting to a big kid bed – and take a long time settling down for bed?  Do you, like us, find yourself wishing your toddlers would learn  to stay in their beds a little longer in the mornings?

As the parents of young children, we know the many, many ups and downs of sleep – both for our little ones and for us, too!  The peacefulness and quality of our sleep is directly dependent on the sleep our kids get.  When they sleep for short periods of time and wake us whenever they wake, our sleep suffers and in turn deprives us of the physical and mental rest we so urgently need for every day of caring for them and cherishing each stage of their growth.  In the same way, our kids need longer periods of uninterrupted rest to best prepare them for all the playing and growing they do at those vital young stages.

We imagine most (if not all!) parents of young toddlers, and even those beyond the toddler phase, encounter many of these aspects of teaching their little ones to sleep.  And this is why we love My Tot Clock, an amazing product that helps us as we guide our children through the learning process of proper sleep.  Developed by a mom who struggled with each of these issues, My Tot Clock ( is the endearing, friendly answer to many of our sleep-related pleas.

My Tot Clock is perfect for those young ones who cannot yet tell time (or are learning to!) but are old enough to sleep in a big kid bed.  The clock features a soothing blue light that tells kids they should be sleeping.  If your child wakes in the middle of the night, they have only to look at their Tot Clock to see the blue light and know that they should stay in bed and sleep rather than call out for you.  In addition to the blue light, a yellow light signals it is time for sunshine and waking up!  As they learn to live with their Tot Clock, your child will be excited to see the yellow light and know that they can get out of bed and begin their fun day!

The benefits of My Tot Clock extend far beyond just helping kids to learn to sleep.  The clock features several choices of soothing music, including lullabies and fun music to wake up to (as well as ambient noises such as nature sounds for those little ones who do not fall asleep to music), to help the sleeping and waking process.  The clock also functions as friendly night light with five different levels of illumination that allow you to choose the perfect level of light to comfort your toddler as they prepare for sleep.  The clock is also wonderful for waking activities!  A green light function helps encourage young ones as they do positive activities that need timing such as picking up toys.  For those moments when a little time out is necessary, a red light function helps teach them the length of time they need to sit out before playing again.

The testimonials for My Tot Clock speak volumes for the clock’s effectiveness – and the best part?  My Tot Clock’s creator guarantees your little one – and you! – will get better sleep or your money back!