by Liz at Kids Activity Blog


It’s summer time and I have been looking for board games that I can play with my kids under the age of 7.  Here is a great post by Kids Activity Blog..

The wonderful thing about these games is that they each provide a learning opportunity.  Not only are the games teaching a specific skill like math or memory, they are also laying ground work for good sportsmanship.  There’s just no down side to play board games!  


10 of  The Best Board Games for Preschoolers


1. Connect Four– This classic game is so much fun and gets the kids to pay close attention to where they place their discs.


2. Uno MOO– This is very similar to the original Uno game but you use farm animals instead of cards.


3. Spot It Jr. – This requires the little ones to pay close attention to find the similar image between each card.


4.  Zingo– This is like Bingo, but instead of numbers, it uses pictures.


5. Trouble – This works on number recognition and the dice is contained so there are no worries of losing it!


6. Eye Found It – This hidden picture game is similar in nature to I-Spy.  So much fun!


7.  Disney Jr. Guess Who– This is a bit more simple than the original Guess Who and features our favorite Disney characters.


8. Doc McStuffins Operation – Like the original Operation game, but with the lovely Doc McStuffins!


9. Checkers– This one can be a bit more difficult, but is a great concept to learn and pay attention to several different things at once.


10. Hoot Owl Hoot – Help the bird get back to it’s nest by matching colors.  There are two levels to this game so you can make the game more difficult once they age.


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