by Carie Connell


After brainstorming about ways keep sugar out of the classroom, I decided to find 10 fun treats that would keep kids happy and healthy!



1. Yoghurt Parfait 

10 Healthy Treats for Birthday PartiesUse little plastic clear cups and make mini parfaits for the kids.  You will need plain or vanilla yoghurt with any colorful fruit or berries that you can find in season.

Add a granola layer and kids will go wild.

For dairy allergies use cultured coconut yoghurt









2. Grape Nut Pops

Found on Pinterest here.

10 Healthy Celebration Treats
This is so cute and easy to make.  You will need sticks, grapes, greek yoghurt and chopped nuts.  If you have a dairy allergy you can use  greek style coconut yoghurt. If nuts are a problem you can substitute with chopped granola.










3.  Watermelon on a stick 

Found on A Pretty Life in the Suburbs10 Healthy Celebration Treats

Kids love watermelon.  You will need popsicle sticks and a ripe watermelon. Slice into small triangles and insert a stick into the rind.






4. Pop Corn 

Found on Pinterest here

10 Healthy Celebration TreatsPopcorn is fun and easy to serve.  All you need is colorful paper..roll and staple.  Add the popcorn and you have an awesome treat!  If your short on can always serve popcorn in colorful little bags or in a cupcake pan.








5. Fruit Kababs

10 Healthy Celebration TreatsMake your own fruit Kababs. You will need skewers along with any kind a fruit that is in season.  These can be made at home and served at the party or bring bowls of cut fruit and let the kids have fun building them.












6.  Apple and Cheese Sailboats

Found on Creative Kids Snacks

Simple to make and fun and healthy for the kids.  You will need fun skewers, sliced apples and cheese of your choice.










7. Ants on a Log

Found on Folenaomo969blog10 Healthy Celebration Treats


This is a favorite at my house.  You can use cream cheese or a nut-butter and fill the celery.  Add raisons or cranberries to the top.  Simple and Delicious!





8. Sweet Sandwich Skewers

Found on A Whisk and Two Wands

10 Healthy Birthday Treats without Sugar

This is a great simple and flexible way to make a celebration fun.  You will need mini pj&j’s, skewers, and sliced fruit.

If nuts or dairy is a problem I thought of a few substitutions

Mini cream cheese and jelly

Mini cream cheese and honey

Cinnamon toast squares

French Toast squares


9.  Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Found at Cooking Village26124

What kid doesn’t like french toast!  This recipe serves it with a whipped cream cheese topping. You will need bread, eggs, milk, cream cheese.

You could also serve it with a berry preserve







10. Cucumber Cupcakes

Found at Creative Kids Snacks


These might seem to crazy to bring to a party..but I promise they will be a hit!  Kids love fun foods..You will need cucumbers, hummus and grape tomatoes or red peppers







Please leave a comment and let me know if your kids enjoyed any of these treats and if you want more ideas join us on Pinterest for more ideas like this!