By Julia Vinokur

1.  Let your children run barefoot! My grandmother used to say that it is one of the best things to do for your health.  Running barefoot on grass, beach sand, soil or flat rocks allows:

  • For more blood circulation (oxidization of child’s body). 
  • Heat “leaves” child’s body through feet, allowing thermoregulation and controlling body temperature during hot summer days. 
  • Child gets feet massage, which stimulates primarily nervous system, allowing to send impulses to all the body parts. 
  • Walking barefoot allows proper formation of child’s feet and bones.

2. Get rid of all the pharmacy sunscreens and get healthy tan.  “Sun is Life” should be our motto. 

In the recent years people became obsessed with sun avoiding and sun protection that led to Vitamine D  deficiency.  It is even more dangerous for children because vitamin D plays crucial role in many very important processes in our body.  10-15 minutes of sun exposure at the beginning of summer (gradually increasing to longer time towards the end of the summer) can supply children with all the vitamin D they need.  We manufacture vitamin D from cholesterol (good fats) by using sunlight.  UV-B rays are our friends as they contribute to Vitamin D production, as well as stimulate the production of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), which is an important hormone in weigh management and energy production.  If you must use sunscreens, chose more safe options.  Avoid oxybenzone (endoctrine disruptive chemical) and retinyl palmitate (can speeddevelopment of skin lesions). One ingredient that is considered safe is zinc oxide.  Check EWG list of the safest sunscreen to get a better idea.

3. Go to the local Farmers Market with your kids and try different things with them. 

They will like at least one or two things: whether it is local cheese, berries, fruits or sausages.  We do not eat bread with my children, but allow little treats when we go the local Farmers market and buy local organic bread, mozzarella cheese, heirloom tomatoes and pesto sauce.  We have a meal Italiano style!

4. Spend a day doing nothing. 

Just relax, do not run, do not plan anything, do not worry about being late, and see where this day will take you.  Make nice breakfast together with children, read books, play outside, and walk around your neighborhood.

Happy Summer!!!