By Amara Wagner, Health Coach 

Moms living in mosquito and tick infested areas, are faced with an interesting dilemma when summer rolls around. We wait all winter to pry our children away from the electronic devices, open the doors, and get them outside to enjoy the fresh air, and joys of summer. It seems obvious that children should spend more time outside. Playing in the backyard, at the park, camping, and doing fun outdoor activities when the weather warms are rights of passage.  And that’s where the dilemma comes…

Until recently, I was faced with three options.

1. Douse my children with toxic chemicals like DEET and pesticides that are known to cause brain damage, cancer and who knows what other horrific things.

2. Allow (even encourage) my kids to play outdoors and pray they didn’t get eaten alive by bugs or contract West Nile Disease or Lyme Disease. 

3. Keep them locked inside all summer long and deprive them of summer’s true joys (not to mention vitamin D).

I am happy to report that there is another option, and it really works. Therapeutic grade essential oils can be used to repel ticks and insects very effectively, and are safe for adults and children alike. I spend a lot of time outdoors this time of year and in the past I’d be eaten alive by mosquitoes. My legs usually look like they have red polka dots on them! This year, I have not one single mosquito bite.

Following is the recipe for the all natural bug repellent that my family uses. This repellent is great for black flies, bed bugs, mosquito, and ticks. It is a great alternative to toxic chemicals in the commercial products. REMEMBER: your skin is your largest organ. If you spray a neurotoxin on your skin it WILL go into your bloodstream and brain. If you live in an area heavily infested with ticks, I strongly recommend adding four drops of 100% pure, therapeutic grade rose geranium oil to the blend.

Insect spray Recipe:

4 oz. spray bottle

10-15 drops Purification®

3 drops peppermint

3 drops Thieves®

3 drops geranium oil

½ oz. vodka (which acts as an emulsifier)

3 oz. water