By Maya K.

Did you know that teenage girls use on average about 17 personal care products every single day?! This is more than an average woman uses: 12 products containing 168 different ingredients that may be harmful or toxic (Environmental Working Group). As a mother, I can’t stand the thought that girls may be exposed to such chemical soup daily. A long list of ingredients and fancy bottles are not necessarily better. Less is more. This is why educating your children to use quality, all natural cosmetics and skin care products is very important.

I’d like to introduce you to Crystalight Organics – a company that offers skin care products that are not only 100% natural but also freshly made. One of the collections, The Amethyst , is an excellent natural alternative to conventional products for teenagers to nurture and nourish their young complexion. Featuring my beloved and the most versatile medicinal flower, lavender, this collection includes everything a young woman needs to care for her face:

  1. Lavender Foam Cleanser – A gentle but thorough cleansing is essential. This Foam Cleanser, a plant-based extra mild soap with aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender, clears skin from daily grime, light make-up, and excess oils.
  2. Lavender Splash – This toner, formulated with lavender, aloe vera, and other herbal extracts, boosts skin’s natural moisture, calms, and refreshes. It also delivers nutrients to the skin and acts as an additional cleanser to remove residual dirt and make-up.
  3. Green Clay Cleanser & Mask – This product can be used as an everyday cleanser, weekly mask, or a spot treatment. It removes dead skin buildup and enriches skin with minerals for even and smooth texture. It’s very gentle with no abrasive particles, unlike many masks/scrubs on the market, and is excellent for acne-prone skin as well as a spot treatment for blemishes.
  4. Cellular Nectar Elixir – Elixir is deeply nourishing and is rich in natural sources of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and essential fatty acids. It supports cell regeneration, regulates sebum production and is good for all skin types. You can also use it to remove heavy make-up.

But this not all. You can effectively use Lavender Splash and Elixir to soothe any skin irritation such as rash, sunburn, or insect bites as well as help with acne, eczema, or dry and damaged skin. There are so many children nowadays suffering from various skin conditions and these products can reduce redness, itch, and can help heal the skin quicker. The unscented collection, The Blue Lace Agate , can successfully be used on children as well. These are truly multi-functioning products!