If you’re like me, you have already bought your own mother’s day gift a few weeks ago. It’s a time saver for my husband who most likely won’t get time to run out and get something “from the kids” on Saturday. They are still at the adorable stage of making gifts for me at school. I have to pretend all week that I don’t know what they’re up to. Last year was the macaroni necklace from my then 3 year old. It never gets old.

So if I was asked what I really wanted on Sunday, I might email this wish list to my husband and hope for one or two to come true:

  1. Breakfast in bed. This has to be number one. I have never so much as received a cup of tea in bed, let alone a full breakfast. I think they know I’m a little OCD about getting crumbs in the bed. But the thought would be all that matters here. I’ll settle for that cup of tea, although maybe something a little fancy like one of these.
  2. A morning off. I know it’s hard to sleep late when the kids are running around the house but even some quiet time with my tea from wish number one would be heaven. Maybe I could relax enough to listen to that Meditation for Beginners App I’ve been meaning to open.
  3. No Flowers (unless the kids picked them from the garden). I know, that sounds so ungrateful. But seriously, I would rather the money was spent on something more practical like a mani-pedi. Let’s just say that the harsh winter has taken its toll. What are the new summer colors for my DIY attempts? Butter is my new favorite and their polish doesn’t have nasty toxins.
  4. An organizer for a day. This might be one you hadn’t thought of before. But who doesn’t have piles of paperwork and stacks of kids’ school work to file? There are some people (I don’t know them personally) who love to do this kind of thing and are really good at it. So let them show you how it’s done. Imagine a clean desk, neat files and everything color coordinated?? This might have to be an annual gift for maintenance purposes.
  5. Chocolate. I don’t mean Hershey’s or Lindt from CVS (too many GMOs). I mean fancy, luxurious, organic and interesting. I’ve become a veritable chocolate snob lately and I need to keep that image up. So here are my favs of late – Vosges, Compartes and Theo. Incidentally, each one can be paired with wine or champagne!

I do hope that Mother’s day brings everything that you wish for even if it’s just peace and tranquility. If it doesn’t turn out to be so perfect, then you can always stick your wish list on the fridge and hope that you’ll be able to check each one off before next year.