By Pheeby Snow

Being a mother is definitely one of the greatest challenges in the life of every woman. You have probably heard a thousand of stories about all the sacrifices that women need to make and how their lives drastically change when they become mothers and how they are constantly occupied with the cleaning of their homes. Although some of the stories are way too exaggerated, it is true that motherhood requires a lot of devotion, patience and readiness to overcome obstacles with a smile on your face. There have been many discussions about all the stress that women experience when they expect their first baby but very little has been said about the changes experienced with the second baby.

You may think that things get simpler because you are already well familiar with all the issues around the motherhood but you will be surprised how the new member of your family will make you realize that being a mom is more than constantly being awake and checking on your baby.

In this article you will receive detailed information how to face the changes with the birth of your second chance and how to stay good and supportive mother to all of your children.

Realizing That You Won’t Always Win the Battle

Having two kids to look after means that your duties will drastically increase. You need to accept the fact that you will have to make some compromises with your free time as well as with the peace and quiet in your home. Being a mother for the second time will demand your full attention, so the best tactic is just to realize this as soon as possible. As long as you posses the patience and the dedication ,you won’t meet any difficulties in finding the right balance.

Loving Equally and not Separating the Kids

Normally the second baby, requires a lot of attention during the first months and in many cases the other child feels misunderstood and he or she becomes jealous of the baby. As a mother, you need to be prepared for this moment and to be able to respond to the needs of your children without depriving any of them from your love. If you have devoted all of your time to the second baby, be sure that this will be noticed by the other kid.

Learning That the Kids Have Different Characters

If you have educated your first child in a certain way, you cannot expect to provide the same approaches towards your second one. Every kid has an individual and unique character and needs special attention. If you have applied certain approaches that have proven their efficiency with the first child this does not mean that they will be an excellent decision for the the second baby. Many parents make this mistake and still do not understand why they fail to educate their children in the right way and the truth hides in the fact that they constantly compare the second baby, with the first one. Be ready to change your attitude and to take into account the individuality of the child, in case you want to ensure the best care as a parent.

It is true that motherhood changes with the second baby, but it is also true that this change allows the mother to realize the significance of her role and the responsibility that she has for the education of the children. Do not be afraid by the changes, but welcome them – in this way you will acquire experience and you will learn how to cope with more complicated situations with your children.

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