By Dr. Leonard Kundel, DMD

A beautiful flower grows and blossoms when the right conditions are present. Flower needs sunshine, good soils, and water. In order for a child to grow and blossom one very important criteria needs to be met. Oxygen needs to be plentiful and easy to get. If the nose is stuffed up or tonsils are swollen it is harder to breath. When a child has to struggle to breath, immune system becomes weaker. This leads to more colds, infections, antibiotics, and missed school days. Childhood years are forming years. Relationships, life views, self esteem all get affected when a child struggles to perform the most basic action necessary to survive. Breathing is the one action we cannot do without. Nose and mouth are the two gateways that let the air in. Optimal breathing is through the nose only. Mouth plays a pivotal role, however, if there is a breathing problem. Mouth can be thought of as a gate keeper for a child’s growth and development.

Any parent can spot if her child may potentially have breathing difficulty. Just look at your child’s teeth. Baby teeth need to have spaces, especially in the front. It’s that simple. Children that have their teeth tight together are prone to mouth breathing, ear infections, eye problems, crooked teeth in adulthood, neck and back problems, snoring and grinding, and even overeating. To help correct these problems a simple dental appliance can be made that is easy to wear. Over time as more room is created in the mouth and your child no longer needs to struggle to breathe many other conditions should start to resolve.

Usually, when advising this therapy for children I tell parents that: We want our little patients to have “better faces with less braces”.