By Pheeby Snow

As a loving parent you probably want your children to study hard and become nice and responsible people when they grow up. Well, you should keep in mind that your offspring’s study area is an important part of the process. For this reason, it’s wise to provide some improvements to facilitate the studying process. An ideal setting for a room of this kind is appropriate furniture, organised accessories and a cheerful and soothing design that will stimulate your kids to study more. Here is what you can do about it.

Repaint the Walls


A good way to motivate your children to study and be more productive is to repaint the walls. You need to create a positive environment, which is why the hues you choose should be lively, cheerful and warm. The colours you should definitely go for are reds, oranges and yellows.

You can make general research on the available designs to make your children’s study room both functional, modern and agreeable. There are plenty of design patterns to go for, so don’t be satisfied with less. Explore all the options. You can still make the walls of the study room beautiful and soothing with a small budget. There is no need to spend plenty of money on expensive paints. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to consult a specialist. If you know what you want, you can create the best results.

Keep in mind that it’s not about what you like, rather it’s about what your children want. Don’t forget to involve them in the process. After all, it’s their study room, not yours.

Add Funny and Unusual Furniture and Accessories

Once you’ve repainted the walls, you need to think about the interior. If you want your children to feel good in their study room, you should make it more personal.

So what makes a room more personal? Its possessions. Everything from the curtains to the desk lamp matters. Consider replacing the old stuff with something lovely and sweet that will appeal to your offspring and will also fit their personality. Start from the carpet and continue with the bed, couch (if any), curtains, cabinets and drawers, wardrobe, desk, chairs, etc. It is very important that the chairs be comfortable so that your children can concentrate more easily. There are many desks on the market that are designed to make the process of studying more appealing. Take your children to the shop and select all the furniture together. Try not to have the upper hand on your children. Let them decide for themselves which things they need the most. You are there to help them make the right choice but you shouldn’t impose your will on them.


While dealing with furniture, don’t forget about the accessories – everything that the children will need such as notebooks, file cabinets, pencils and pens, paper stacks, erasers, tape, pencil holders, dustbin, etc. They need to be kept handy so when your offspring need them, they can easily access them. Tip: Keep in mind that a TV will probably distract your children.

Last but not least, remember that lighting is an important aspect of every home. Ensure proper lighting in the

study area. It’s also wise to consider buying a desk lamp that will help your children in the evenings.

Allow More Space

When the place seems overcrowded, it may be more difficult for your children to concentrate on their studies. So before you even think about the above steps, rearrange the study room. That includes disposing of all unnecessary items and keeping a simple design. Your goal is to provide more space in the room so that it feels cozy and fresh. Apart from getting rid of all the clutter, you should also consider rearranging the storage racks, furniture, desk and anything else to make the most of the room. Good luck!

Contributed by Pheeby from TenancyCleaners Balham