When you suggest to a mom to try to add more protein to their child’s breakfast to improve their concentration at school, you might be met with raised eye brows. Surely Johnny needs as much carbs as possible to sustain him until snack or lunchtime? Well that’s what we were told but our kids are not athletes and while it’s true that some carbs do provide readily available energy, most of that comes from their conversion to sugar in the blood. It is usually a quick hit and the crash inevitably comes well before lunch and little Johnny may become irritable. There is increasing evidence that suggests that having a high protein breakfast will improve your child’s chance at prolonging satiety and perhaps as a bonus, their attention in school. So the next question is always; “well what do I give him instead of cereal or pancakes?” I have some ideas. I like to include lots of eggs so if you are unsure about the cholesterol issue then please research a little to be reassured. We sort of have to forget everything we were taught in the 90s – low fat and diet sodas = good and eggs = bad. Children need good cholesterol. But of course, consult with your pediatrician if you are concerned. So here goes:

  1. Oatmeal with pear and cinnamon
  2. Scrambled eggs with bacon
  3. Egg and veggie muffins
  4. Green eggs and ham
  5. Plantain pancakes
  6. Chia seeds, yogurt and berries
  7. Sausages and eggs
  8. Boiled eggs with veggies
  9. Berry Nutty Breakfast Milkshake
  10. Fruit and nut granola

Let’s start enjoying a whole food, high protein breakfast that our children will love. Bon Apétit!