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Step 1:  Change your Drinking Habits

What are you and your kids drinking?  

Hydration is key to health.  You must find a balance,  if you become dehydrated or too hydrated you will see symptoms such as headache, sore muscles, nausea, vomiting.   Balance is key!    So how do we find this balance?  Drink a healthy option when you are thirsty.  The challenge this week is to throw out your cans of soda and your bottles of juice and replace it with any of the following.  These options will keep you hydrated and provide essential nutrients to your cells.

  • Spring Water with a dash of Celtic Sea Salt or high grade of sea salt.
  • Spring Water with pure essentials oils added (we love lemon, orange,  and tangerine)
  • Coconut Water
  • Fresh Pressed Juice
  • Organic Raw Milk or Organic Whole Milk
  • Fermented Drinks such as Kevita, Kombucha (a nice soda replacement)
  • Bone Broth
  • Homemade Sports drink
  •  You can make some many fun bottles of water that kids love just add any fruits to a mason glass love drinking these



 Step 2: Clear out Plastics for Healthier Choice

 Lets talk about plastics…Does you cabinet or drawer look like this?

pic by Home Baked
Plastic Dishes Throw away all your colorful plastic drinking cups and bowls…..I know its hard to imagine living without them but you can do it…’s just a conscious shift and a trip to the Market or Amazon and your kids will follow along..  The hormone disrupting chemicals found in plastics have caused major health issues in kids.  I know we have all  heard “stop using BPA“.  Most companies have come out with BPA Free products…but they are NOT good enough.  They contain other toxins such as BPS that leach into our bodies.  Here are some better options listed below.  Even in your local Walmart carries some great alternatives.  


Great Alternative choices: 

If you want to learn more detailed research on each weeks challenge click on the links provided or look up my resource list on footer of home page.

Please leave a comment below and let us know how your week is going.. What has been hard for you?  Or if you find any great products not mentioned let me know.   Have a great week!


***All items listed are brands we use …not a single one has paid for ad placement.