By Julia Vinokur


Creativity is one of the most important qualities, in my opinion, that we as parents need to preserve in out kids. All children born creative, and with time this ability either flourishes, or disappears, depending on the parental styles, schools, or gadget overuse. Let them get bored, as boredom makes children to be creative. Go with their fantasies, even though they might not lead to the real things. Let them make their own holiday decorations and hang them, even if they are not perfect. Give them an old box, and they will make a house out of it! Let them use paint, glue, scissors, paper, glitter, not worrying that they will make a mess. Let them collect leaves, acorns, sticks, dry flowers. Let them play with water in a puddle, dirt, and with flour. Not all of them will become famous inventors, but if we can help our children to preserve this ability, we will help them tremendously!

I just wanted to share some success stories: inventions that children came up with!!!

  1. Play dough was invented by Kleo Mcvicker’s granddaughter. This girl asked if she could play with the wallpaper cleaner. Cleaning component was substituted with oil and color, and play-dough came to life!
  1. Earmuffs were invented in the winter of 1873 by 15-year-old Chester Greenfield. Most children at that time just wrapped scars around their ears. But Chester was allergic to wool. He found a piece of wire, bended it, twisted each end into a loop. His grandmothers sew pockets onto each loop. Three years later he patented his invention!
  1. Braille is a tactile writing system used by the blind and the visually impaired. It is named after Louis Braille, who lost his eyesight due to a childhood accident and at the age of 15 developed a code for the French alphabet as an improvement on night writing. He published his system, which subsequently included musical notation, in 1829.[2][3] The second revision, published in 1837, was the first digital (binary) form of writing.
  1. Robert Patch invented a toy truck at the age of 6. He was playing with shoe boxes, bottle caps and nails to make a toy truck. “I took some shoe boxes,” Patch said, “and some bottle caps and nails, and was making a truck. Luckily enough, his father who was a patent lawyer, recognized his son’s invention and patented it.
  1. Trampoline was invented by the US Gymnast, George Nissen, when he was 16.
  1. 10 year old Clara Lazen accidently created a new molecule of tetranitratoxycarbon, a molecule constructed of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. It’s got some interesting possible properties, ranging from use as an explosive to energy storage. Lazen is listed as the co-author of a recent paper on the molecule!
  1. 11 tear old Frank Epperson created a Popsicle. He had left his fruit flavored soda outside on the porch with a stir stick in it. The drink froze to the stick and tasted good. It took 18 more years in 1923 for Epperson to apply for a patent for a “frozen ice on a stick” called the Epsicle ice pop, which his children re-named the Popsicle.

Let them be creative!!!