By Julia Vinokur

Some of my friends have asked me to give them an estimate on prices for conventional food products vs. organic.  Table below is in progress, but I decided to share some of the data.  In about a month I will have a better idea about Farmers Market prices.

For this table I was using the cheapest conventional food prices, and the most expensive organic food prices (state of CT).  There are a lot of products in between, including weekly specials, that would allow more flexibility to the families on a tighter budget to switch to organic.

If you have any comments, additions, or would like to see other categories, please let us know, so we can adjust this table.



Stop and Shop

Farmers Market

Whole Foods/Mrs Greens Organic

Product Name Organic $ Conventional $    
Dairy and meats        
Eggs 3.20-3.50/doz 2.59/doz 4-5 doz
Chicken breast 3.50/lb 2.9/lb
Whole milk 4.48/half gal 3.69/gal
Raw cows milk 4-5/half gallon
Raw goat milk 6/half gallon
Butter 4.79/lb 2/lb
Chavrie goat cheese 5.99/ea 3.99/ea
Half and Half 0.13/oz 0.08/oz
String cheese 11.29/lb 5.99/lb
Whole Milk Plain Yogurt (cows milk) 0.13/oz
Low Fat Yogurt 0.09 oz
Cheddar cheese shredded 11.55/lb 6.58/lb
Mozarrella string cheese 11.29/lb 5.46/lb
Sour cream 0.25/oz 0.12/oz
Beef/NY strip 13.99/lb 11.99/lb
Rib Eye 15.99/lb 12.49/lb
T-bone 10.99/lb
Porterhouse 10.99/lb
Salmon 9.99/lb – 19.99/lb/wild 9.99/lb 9.99/lb – 19.99/lb/wild
Fruits and Vegetables
Tomatos 1.50/ea 1.29/ea 1.99-3/lb
Red peppers 5.29/2 4.99/3
Celery hearts 3.99/16 oz 3.49/16 oz
Zucchini 3.99/8 oz 0.69/ea
Raw cashews 0.89/oz
Roasted cashews 0.83/oz
Raw almonds 0.74/oz
Roasted almonds 0.63/oz
Beets 3.49/bunch
Lettus Romaine Hearts 4.99/12 oz 6.99/6 hearts
Cabbage 2.49/ea
Avocados 5.99/4 ea 3.99/4 ea
Broccoli 3.29/ea 2.49/ea
Cauliflower 3.49/ea 2.5/ea
Carrots 1.29/lb 2.29/2 lb
Cucumbers 2.99/ea 2.00/ea  3.00/ea
Portabella Caps 3.49/6 oz
Green onions 0.79/bunch
Bananas 0.79 – 0.99/lb 0.69/lb
Apples 1.29/ea 0.89/ea
Dry Apricots 0.45/oz 0.67/0z
Oranges 7.99/4lb
Blueberries 4.99/ea 2.99/ea 3-5/ea
Strawberries 3.99/box 3.99/box 5-7/box
White rice 0.11/oz 0.07/oz
Brown rice pasta 0.25/oz
Rolled oats 1.29 lb
Pasta 0.06/oz
Buckwheat 1.99/lb
Coconut flour 0.47/oz
White flour 0.04/oz
Coconut oil  0.6/oz
Olive oil  0.20/oz
Junk Food
Margarine spread 0.2/oz
Canola Oil 0.07/oz
Cereal 0.17/oz