Ever feel like it’s a battle of wills?

Like your child is testing your boundaries? Pushing the limits? Trying your patience—and winning?

If you’ve ever wanted your child to just cooperate for once, consider this possibility:

Your child’s resistance is a secret message.


Decoding your child’s message

Every child is unique, but all children express similar patterns. So similar, in fact, that I can describe them (which I do in the Child Whisperer parenting method).

Each child naturally expresses 1 of 4 distinct energies when they refuse to cooperate or do anything else. Learn which Type of energy they express and you learn the reason they won’t cooperate.

Here’s a quick look at each—and how to create more cooperation and joy…


The Fun-loving Child

Socially oriented, these children express a light, bouncy energy. They resist too much structure or lack of social interaction.

What to do: Make cooperation a game. Engage their imagination. “Can you be a frog and hop into the bathtub?” “Would Cinderella like to help me sweep?”

DO NOT isolate them to get them to behave. They will fight it.


The Sensitive Child

Emotionally tender, these children become whiny, pouty, or weepy (and resist directions) if they feel overwhelmed, unheard, or if their plans are ignored.

What to do: Get on their level and invite them to share their feelings. Emphasize that they can take their time. In the future, pay attention to subtle cues that they need quiet time to relax.

DO NOT rush them or tell them to stop crying.


The Determined Child

These children have a dynamic energy and they MOVE. They connect physically to the world, so they will fight you big time if they don’t have enough physical outlets.

What to do: Instead of saying “no,” give choices or redirect to another activity.

DO NOT shush them (they’ll just get louder).


The More Serious Child

Analytically minded, these children resist everything when they don’t feel respected. They also react if embarrassed or treated like a baby.

What to do: Correct them privately. Speak logically, even if they’re upset. Apologize if you embarrass them. Give them a say in discipline.

NEVER shame them in front of others.


The biggest secret message

The secret is, resistance is not a phase—it’s a message. Your children want to experience as much cooperation in their lives as you do!

To identify which Type of child you’re raising (and help them cooperate), learn more at thechildwhisperer.com