I started this challenge to help families slowly change over to a healthier lifestyle.  When navigating what is healthy for our families the common word that comes to mind is OVERWHELMED.    WHERE DO YOU START?? 


These posts will be created from all my years of research and a bit of intuition along the way regarding how its presented.  The posts will be short and sweet.  I am not the expert or expert writer of all this information…I am an expert researcher and I have implemented all these products and holistic modalities into my family’s life.  


Do what you can.  Do what feels right for your family.  If something doesn’t make sense or you want more information to make your own decision I will always post links to my favorite articles that explain each topic.  Feel free to write a comment or send a message if you have any questions or concerns.  


ENJOY the process  It’s a long journey…I promise you won’t regret it!