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Welcome to Healthy Child Network.

Here is a little information about how this all began….First I would like to introduce myself..I am Carie Connell.

I help parents understand the value of healthy nutrition,  green living and conscious parenting so that they can heal their families from chronic illnesses and strive for optimal health and happiness.

I am a graduate of UCSD with a BS in Biopsychology, I studied Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition at the CHEK Institute, became a Birth Doula through DONA International, and studied Quantum Formulas at Healers Who Share.  

Here is how my story begins….I have studied health and nutrition my entire adult life….but it wasn’t until my son was born that I discovered true health and wellness. The journey with my son led me down a path of severe eczema, asthma, and over 33 food allergies…WHAT????  How could someone who studied and practiced such a mainstream healthy lifestyle birth such a sick child?  At that moment I decided something had to change.  Everything I learned I started to question…so I dove into 100’s of books, 1000’s of articles, talked to every alternative healthcare practitioner I could find and then landed in a modality that changed our lives….Quantum Formulas.   As a result of all this research and hard work…My son is healed!  He is now 7 years old and thriving.  He has never had a pharmaceutical drug in his body.  I learned how amazing our bodies are and that as long as we support them with the right nutrition, ability to detox, removing Miasms with Quantum Formulas and mindful parenting will do the rest.

I have worked with tons of clients sharing all the information I could get my hands on.  I have seen my clients go from sick to thriving with just little changes.  I decided this information/education needs to be mainstream for all mothers and fathers not just paying clients.  I founded Healthy Child Network, a place for parents to come and get information about health and wellness without any interference of paying sponsors.  By bringing together experts in the field of holistic medicine and conscious parenting we can heal our generation of children and change the world.  Please take a moment and sign up for our newsletter so that you can get closer to your health goals today!


Julia VinokurJulia Vinokur – Author, Blogger, and Most Importantly a Mother

Hello there.  My name is Julia Vinokur, and I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to share with you some of the knowledge and experiences that I have accumulated over the past 7 years of being a parent. 

I came to the States in 1997 to study, got a BA degree, followed by an MBA, and worked in the HR Management field.   Throughout that time, I was first introduced to the traditional American food culture, followed by what are believed to be “healthy” food habits that included consuming fat-free, cholesterol free, low sodium and high fiber products.   In my misguided attempts to stay healthy I did my best to avoid sun exposure using pharmacy-bought sunscreens, bought cheap vitamins, and so on.  About a year before I got pregnant with my first daughter, my immune system backfired.  I was sick for an entire winter, had no energy to work or enjoy myself.  Prompted by some helpful advice, I realized that I need to reevaluate my lifestyle and to look for other sources of information on what it takes to stay healthy.  Expanding my horizons when it comes to my family’s health, I took a different path and have not looked back.

Ever since my first daughter was born, I did things the hard way by going against the mainstream in many aspects of our lives.  Some of the changes were easy – avoiding formula, substituting regular milk with fermented goat milk, buying organic and preferably local food, staying away from the antibacterial soaps, and giving my kids cod liver oil.  Other changes required much stronger resolve and discipline – giving kids swimming lessons at 6 months, starting potty training at age 1, or avoiding exposure to processed carbs or sugar.  I firmly believe that our new lifestyle choices have been very beneficial to my girls, and hope that you have a chance to use some of my own mistakes, lessons, and experiences for the benefit of your own family.     

It was hard at the beginning, made harder still by the fact that I had few places to turn to for accurate information.  My pediatrician was of little help.  When I asked her about massage therapy for a baby, she did not know what to say.  She did not know much about probiotics, was insisting on cow’s milk, and could not suggest anything for my daughter’s rash except for hydrocortisone.   I had to gather information all on my own, and while there were bits and pieces of information on the web and in some books, there was no one place where I could go and find most of the answers, or at least get the direction on where to look for them.

I hope HealthyChildNetwork will become such a destination by sharing our experiences, and providing support, information, direction, and knowledge to the next generation of moms who want an alternative source of information. 



Alyssa RodasMy name is Alyssa Rodas. I was raised in the Pacific Northwest but have made my home in sunny San Diego with my three young children, their quirky Dad, two dogs, one rooster, and lots of chickens. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Language and Culture. A gypsy at heart, I love to travel, surf, drink chai tea, cook and eat healthy food.

I’m fascinated by people’s “story” and nothing makes me happier than to share ideas for healthier living with other mothers. I’m especially keen on educating families about the benefits of essential oils. I’ve experienced many positive changes using these little gems, incredibly powerful tools in my natural remedies kit.  While I’ve often chosen the unconventional path, I believe its given me a unique perspective of life and the ability to relate to a wide range of people. I find pure joy in sharing healthy recipes and natural remedies with other mothers. A constant work in progress, I document adventures and ideas of all shapes and sizes at



photo-17.jpgEileen Iorio is a wife and a mom to three wonderful kids, with the same struggles with food and health as most other moms. Eileen’s interest in health and nutrition followed from her son’s illness which propelled her in a direction of healing which she hadn’t anticipated. Through what she learned from her son’s recovery, she channeled her knowledge into a business helping other busy moms figure out a way for their families to find their path to health and well-being. Eileen has a bachelor’s degree in business but left the corporate life first for motherhood and now for her new business Clean Green Pantry based in Rye, NY. Eileen studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a certified holistic health coach. You can contact Eileen through her website –, on Twitter – @eileeniorio or on Facebook under CleanGreenPantry